Who We Are

Smartzyme develops superior enzymes for various industrial applications

About us

Smartzyme Biopharma is a life science startup company, that develops novel enzymes and biopharmaceuticals based on its proprietary protein engineering platform. The company designs enzymes for improved clinical performance by engineering them for better safety and efficacy.

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Smartzyme team includes a board of experienced global biotech leaders, charismatic management and highly skilled scientists, all together bringing vision, talent, experience and multidisciplinarity to our research and development process.

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Since establishment the company raised $8.5M
through investment rounds, led by:
Orbimed VC | Doug Khors | Radco Group

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What We Do

Smartzyme develops superior enzymes for various industrial applications

The Platform

Smartzyme implements a unique approach to create improved enzymes in a relatively short period of time. Our Protein engineering process starts with a thorough literature and IP review, followed by a structure based computational analysis that defines and focuses the process. The Company's protein engineering methodology is based mainly on "directed evolution", a random gene manipulation followed by effective enzymatic assays (selection process). The high efficiency of the process enables the correlation between specific mutations and the desired improvement in multiple enzyme characteristics, like activity, stability, clearance, immunogenicity and more.


Smartzyme designs biobetters to target clinical conditions that are either unaddressed or addressed by existing drugs that are not sufficiently safe or efficacious. The company's diverse product portfolio brings new solutions to existing markets, for example, the intravenous (IV) drug for the treatments for severe bleeding, or an ultra-accurate glucose sensing enzyme for the blood glucose monitoring (BGM) market. Smartzyme plans to introduce a new lead biopharmaceutical for development every year as of 2017.

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