Who We Are

About us

SmartZyme is a New York and San Diego based biopharmaceutical company focusing on therapeutic protein, enzyme, and mRNA engineering.

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The SmartZyme team includes a board of experienced global biotech leaders, senior management with proven entrepreneurial track records, and highly skilled scientists who bring multidisciplinary expertise.

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Since establishment, SmartZyme has successfully raised $10.5M. Our lead investor is OrbiMed.

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What We Do

SmartZyme uses its platform to develop powerful therapeutics within remarkable timelines

The Platform

After carefully choosing a target indication, the process of selecting a native protein to evolve through mutation and develop into a novel therapeutic begins. SmartZyme first conducts a comprehensive review of the available scientific literature and IP estates. This is followed by a computational analysis of the native protein’s structure, which serves to focus the experimental process. Once in the lab, SmartZyme utilizes its powerful directed evolution approach to randomly manipulate the gene which translates the protein. The result is a library with billions of different protein variants, all of which are then screened to determine the best performers. Click “Read More” to find out what makes our process special.


With its broadly applicable platform, SmartZyme is able to pursue a wide range of unmet clinical needs. These can be acute therapy or regenerative medicine needs.

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